Voices of QLF: A New Webinar Series

As the world continues to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, finding new ways to connect with one another has never been more important. Our webinar series, Voices of QLF, strives to do just that. Each month, QLF Alumni, staff, and friends from our home region and across the globe will share their inspiring stories of conservation and stewardship, and discuss the unique role that QLF has played in their lives. From New Brunswick to Belize to the Czech Republic and beyond, join us and discover the far-reaching impact of these conservation leaders.

Below you’ll find links to register for our upcoming episodes, as well as the video recordings of our past episodes.  If you’d like to join our mailing list, please contact us at QLF@QLF.org.

Season Two

Begins September 2021


Webinar Recordings of Season 1

Highlights of Episode 7






Episode 7 – April 2021

Learn about the origins of QLF in the 1960s from several of the first Volunteers to serve in the once remote fishing communities on the Quebec North Shore and communities along Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula.

QLF Alumni: Clare McMorris, Chair, Board of Directors, QLF – U.S.; Ed Miller, Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, QLF – U.S.; Philip Nadeau, Chairman, Board of Directors, QLF – Canada; Richard Berlin; Candace Cochrane; and Bill Dennett.

Highlights of Episodes 4-6






Episode 6 – March 2021

Learn about the origins of Catalonia, Spain’s innovative land trust movement from the people who created it. Topics include formation of regional networks and the stewardship of protected land.

QLF Alumni: Marta Subirà, Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia; Miquel Rafa, Director of Territory and Environment, Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation; and Jordi Pietx, consultant specializing in socio-environmental challenges.

Episode 5 – February 2021

Hear the fascinating story of the conservation movement in the Czech Republic following the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Topics include building civil society from the grassroots level, creating dynamic partnerships, empowering women, and private initiatives for conservation.

QLF Alumni: Blažena Hušková, founding Executive Director, Foundation for the Jizera Mountains; and Miroslav “Mirek” Kundrata, Strategic Development Initiatives, Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation.

Episode 4 – January 2021

Meet Lucky the hyena! Learn about efforts to educate and advocate for the conservation of Lebanon’s threatened wildlife, in particular, the country’s national animal – the striped hyena.

QLF Alumni: Mounir Abi-Said and Diana Marrouche Abi-Said, founders of Animal Encounter, an educational center for wildlife conservation; and Ra’ed Abu Hayyaneh of Jordan, now residing in Alberta, Canada.

Highlights of Episodes 1-3






Episode 3 – December 2020

QLF is the river that runs through Phil Huffman’s life. Hear stories of the Living Rivers Program, the North America/UK International Youth Conservation Exchanges, and QLF Alumni Congresses in Budapest and Barcelona.

QLF Alumni: Phil Huffman, Director of Government Relations and Policy, The Nature Conservancy in Vermont; Diane Hewlett-Lowrie, Parks and Forestry, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Kerry Lothian Dennis, Early Years Practitioner, Scottish Borders Council; and Sally York, Education Policy Advisor, Scottish Forestry.

Episode 2 – November 2020

Venture back in time to recount the lessons learned from QLF’s flagship Marine Bird Conservation Program, established in 1978 to address the rapid decline of seabird populations along the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

QLF Alumni: Dr. Kathleen Blanchard, President, Intervale Associates Inc. and former President, QLF Canada; and Gregor Beck, Senior Conservation Advisor, Birds Canada.

Episode 1 – October 2020

Travel to the 1970s with QLF President Beth Alling and guests for a behind-the-scenes look at the origins of QLF’s community-based conservation legacy, the Living Rivers Program in New Brunswick, Canada, and much more.

QLF Alumni: Larry Morris, QLF President Emeritus; and Tom Horn, former QLF Senior Vice President.