The Global Leadership Network (GLN) is the centerpiece of QLF programming for the future and leverages the strong ties that bind QLF Alumni worldwide. The overarching aim of the GLN is to catalyze and support ongoing Alumni activity between regions. By convening Alumni directly through regional meetings and through a private, online community, QLF seeks to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices between practitioners;
  • Establish continuous knowledge-sharing on environmental issues;
  • Encourage new programmatic partnerships;
  • Promote Alumni-directed, cross-regional meetings, tours, workshops, and exchanges; and
  • Develop GLN Consulting Teams comprised of QLF Alumni with complementary expertise.

For more information, view the GLN Infographic or download the GLN Summary Sheet.

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The Emerging Role of Alumni

For more than five decades, QLF has quietly built a highly engaged, professional network of 5,000 Alumni worldwide as a result of the organization’s longstanding commitment to developing local leadership in conservation and stewardship. QLF Alumni are all former Interns, community Volunteers, International Fellows, Scholarship recipients, and Fellows of The Sounds Conservancy Marine Conservation Program in addition to QLF’s Governing Boards, Staff, Consultants, and donor constituents.

Based in 75 countries, QLF Alumni are influential community and conservation leaders working across geographic and cultural boundaries on local, national, and international scales. In 2006, when QLF held the first Alumni Congress in Hungary, over 200 Alumni (from 32 countries) convened and envisioned a future in which QLF Alumni could collaborate on solving questions of planetary sustainability. The result of this synergy is the Global Leadership Network.

Today, the Global Leadership Network is tackling diverse environmental challenges across various regions throughout the world. To read more about the collaborative achievements of Alumni in environmental conservation, check out current GLN Projects.


QLF Alumni Reunion, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, September 2018. Photograph by Dennis Minty

Conclusion of Tree Planting Ceremony, First QLF Alumni Congress Landscape Stewardship tour, Kiskunság National Park, Hungary, 2006. Photograph by Greig Cranna

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