In January 2017, Elizabeth (Beth) Alling became QLF’s third President and CEO in the organization’s 56-year history. She has assumed the “left seat” as QLF’s new Pilot in Command. The article, Taking the Left Seat, chronicles this transition in Senior Management.

QLF: The People

Elizabeth Alling
President & CEO

Lawrence B. Morris
President Emeritus

Brent Mitchell
Senior Vice President





Staff & Consultants

Lisa Andrews
QLF Global program

Sami Backleh
Middle East Exchange Program

Kathleen Blanchard, Ph.D.
Biodiversity Conservation 

Stacey Busby
Director of Finance

Delia Clark

Marisa Colabuono
Advancement Services

Greig Cranna
Journalist, Photographer

Olivia Del Giorgio
Conservation Internships

Stephen Engle
Global Leadership Network

Amy-Beth Healey
Senior Accountant

Kenneth T. Hoffman
Development Counsel




Adrienne Kotler
QLF Global Program

Teddy Lyman
Strategic Planning 

Emily McIntosh
Coordinator, Conservation Internships
Coordinator, Global Leadership Network

Linda Mitton
Assistant to the President Emeritus

Sue Ann Pearson
Executive Assistant to the President

Kevin Porter
Photographic Services

Bill Steelman
Strategic Planning

Leslie Van Gelder

Cricket Wilbur
International Conservation Exchange Programs