For nearly 60 years, QLF has addressed pressing environmental issues through pioneering community-based conservation programs in eastern Canada, New England, and rural communities worldwide. QLF continues to promote leadership development and share successful models for Biodiversity Conservation, and the stewardship of natural resources and cultural heritage across the globe.   

QLF taps the energy and commitment of students, university interns, and young professionals to provide experiential training opportunities for the next generation of environmental leaders. Through our Global Leadership Network, ideas, best practices, and conservation innovations are exchanged worldwide.

QLF seeks to empower communities and engage a global network of leaders to address shared community and conservation challenges worldwide.

Within the Atlantic region, QLF programs engage the next generation of environmental leaders in projects that focus on community-based biodiversity conservation and protecting local cultural heritage.

Internationally, QLF encourages cross-cultural and cross-border cooperation and knowledge-sharing among conservation and stewardship leaders. Through QLF’s Global Leadership Network, ideas, best practices, research, tools, and success stories are exchanged between participants from QLF’s home region and the places we work around the world.


Gros Morne National Park, western Newfoundland

QLF relies on gifts like yours to address the regional impacts of climate change, promote global leadership, and advance community-based conservation worldwide.